miércoles, 26 de septiembre de 2007

Tigermilk: Social Songs From The Woods

i'm Kuky, Tigermilk only member.
I have to say i'm not used to this blog and flog things, but i ll give it a try.
After The Departure EP, and still finishing my new tracks, i've decided to record an online LP with the short name of "Social Songs From The Woods",
Well, the album will be available (downloaded completely free, of course) in this blog, about at the end of the year, and here are the names of some of the tracks that are on the album:
1.- XpiritMan
2.- Anachronic Love
3.- Land Of No One
4.- The Sign
5.- Irreconciliable Differences

Well, i ll explain more in another post, cause i'm tired now.
love and peace ;)

3 comentarios:

Mr dijo...

I am so glad to hear that there is going to be a download of music finally. I go to your myspace page at least twice a day or more to hear the music. My favorite song is the departure. Can a fan make a request to be able to download that song please?


Mr dijo...

I hope that Chile went well. I have not messaged in awhile and I am sorry. I hope things are going well and can not wait for the music

Ortho dijo...

Good luck Kuky! I saw your video for "The Departure" on youtube. It's awesome!